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Multipack is an innovative box for parcel delivery that allows you to receive multiple packages at the same time, easily and safely, even when you are not at home.

Multipack, in fact, is equipped with a security system, which allows the packages to be stored separately, ensuring maximum confidentiality.

Multipack is very simple and quick to install.
It can be securely screwed to walls and floors, as well as gates and fences, providing a safe and secure way to receive packages.

The advantages of Multipack


Multipack is equipped with an exclusive mechanism which is activated when the pack is inserted: when the upper door is opened, even for a few centimetres, the internal trapdoor closes almost instantly and it is no longer possible to insert your hands into the lower collection compartment which turn can only be accessed with a key. By opening the upper door again, the insertion compartment will be perfectly empty

Corrosion resistant

The sheet metal of the box is hot-dip galvanized and after processing it is painted with a double layer of paint with a first coat of epoxy primer and a second coat of high build varnish with oven drying.

All this allows excellent resistance to oxidation and maintains its conditions  long lasting  over time.

Suitable for outdoors

The crate has been tested for resistance to driving rain and the packages remain perfectly protected from water and dust.

The paints are resistant to sunlight and intense climatic variations.


The box is very large (useful capacity around 80 litres) and can receive parcels of various sizes up to a maximum size of 20x30x40 cm for each parcel.


The box weighs about 30 kg.

The entire external structure is in 1 mm thick steel and the screws and parts subject to wear are in stainless steel.

Mechanical durability tests were also performed on the moving parts.


The cistern has a pleasant design and 3 colors available to best adapt to the environment in which it is installed


Pratical to install

The box can simply be placed on the floor with its supplied feet, or fixed to the ground with bolts or raised from the ground with its own special pedestal and finally can be hooked to the fence hung by means of brackets

Made in Italy

it is built entirely by an Italian company with many years of experience in metalworking. All components are identifiable and available at any time for replacements or repairs.

How to use the Multipack?


Easy and safe installation

Multipack is very simple and quick to install. It can be securely bolted to walls and floors, as well as gates and fences, providing a safe and secure way to receive parcels.


Get home deliveries easily when you’re not at home

The courier will be able to leave your order inside the Multipack in total autonomy, letting you go to work, socialize and relax.


Safe delivery

During delivery, the couriers place your package in the delivery chute, sending it to the closed and safe compartment of the Multipack.
Its unique barcode can be scanned or recorded as proof of delivery.

The box’s secure design allows you to receive multiple packages on any day and gives you the peace of mind that no one can fish for packages or access your deliveries.


Retrieve your package

When you get home, simply open the luggage compartment with your key and retrieve your package.

Do you want to get rid of the stress of home deliveries too?

Why choose Multipack?


If you are a company, a shop or a community, you can receive multiple parcels at any time and on any day from the carriers and your suppliers, without the need for staff to be present.


You can receive parcels without complex procedures, without connections, wherever you have installed the box.


You can receive multiple parcels in succession, even during your extended absences.


Say goodbye to out-of-stock alerts.


No more bothering neighbors to retrieve parcels


Peace of mind knowing your deliveries are safe and secure.

Do you want to test our product?

You have the opportunity to try our cassettes directly at your home or at your office or company.
You can test the reliability and functionality of the box for a number of days, to appreciate all the benefits.

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