Who we are

Our company

We are a multi-generational company, with consolidated experience in the production of incoming boxes for parcels and mail.

Our highly specialized team of designers and engineers designs and manufactures all of our products internally, committed to providing safe and quality solutions, with an eye to design.

Thanks to internal production, we can meet the specific needs of companies, with mass production on request.

Our service continues even after the sale: our customers are supported by a dedicated service team, based in Italy, to help them with any queries.

What characterizes us?

Made in Italy

Selected material and accuracy in manufacturing guarantee high quality standards.


Our products are designed to be solid and long-lasting.

Elegant design

In each product we seek the synthesis between functionality and a refined aesthetic.


We are constantly looking for new solutions, making use of advanced technologies and specialized personnel.

The value of our products


We take care of manufacturing metal products, through the advanced technologyof CN machines, supported by highly specialized personnel.


We pay great attention to the quality of the material and production, checking every step of the process, from design to construction.


We are oriented towards innovation, through the design of unique products on the market, by our team of experts.


The services offered are B2B and B2C, therefore aimed at professional activities, studios, laboratories, community environments and for carrying out various activities

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Where we are

Street Marinetti 38 / 40,
23879 - Verderio (LC)

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